On The Move

On The Move 2
Canada is by far one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen. It has everything; nature, big cities, amazingly nice and genuine people, and GREAT food. In two weeks, I had it all. From the Timbits at Tim Horton’s, to pancakes with Maple Syrup and authentic Canadian meals. I went paddle boarding, took a daytrip to Niagara Falls, saw a Blue Jays game, did tons of yoga classes and got eaten alive by mosquitos. Montreal felt like Paris, only different, Toronto made me feel very small (in a good way!) and the outdoors just overwhelmed me with it’s greatness, beauty, and adorably cute animals. And the best thing: I’ve met the nicest people here. A few days ago I was seeking shelter from the rain and I met a very nice lady who was having a day out with her granddaughter. We started talking about the city and she asked me about my travels. When the rain stopped she hugged me saying she thought what I was doing was so brave. All that almost makes me forget why I started this trip in the first place…
… To write! These past weeks have been great, but I’m a woman on a mission, so this week I started conducting my very first interviews. And so far so good. Schools haven’t even started yet, but still some amazing educators have been nice enough to invite me in their homes and work places.
On The Move 3

Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans (John Lennon)
But more on that later. In my first blog I explained my reasons to start this journey. Now I will try to give you a little insight in what my plans are for this experience. Let me start with: I have no exact plans. And the plans I do have can change if something awesome comes my way. This is terrifying, because I’m a huge planner and I always like to know weeks in advance what my next step will be. Now, I’m letting it all go and see what happens. Living on the edge! The important plane tickets are bought (most countries won’t let me in if I don’t go out), but in between it’s still a mystery. Today I’m leaving for NYC and probably see some other great places on the east side of the U.S.A. After that, I might go back to Canada and go from Vancouver all the way down the west coast of the U.S.A. Only to eventually go to Los Angeles in November, because that is where I’m flying off to New-Zealand. In New Zealand I will probably only see the North Island (Auckland and Wellington) and then last but not least: Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. But as I said, it’s all up for change if I come across something good!
Many many other places are on my list still, unfortunately the world is too big for my dreams (at least for now…).
On The Move 4

On a mission
So what will I do when I visit these, and many more still unknown places? As I said, I’m a woman on a mission. So I might see some tourist spots here and there, but mostly I’m there to work work work. I want to talk to (dance) educators, researchers, teachers and children. I want to visit schools and see how generalist teachers integrate movement in their classrooms. And maybe, if I’m lucky, some schools will even have a dance program. In every country I will search for articles about dance and movement education in elementary schools and read the curriculum that the government put up. A few days ago it came to my knowledge that every province in Canada has its own curriculum. So every educational system in every province is different. Basically that means that I will be reading a LOT.


And then, after all the talking, reading, visiting, observing and traveling, I will share my stories through this blog. So exciting!
Thank you for reading, sharing and following my stories. It’s very heartwarming to know that so many people support my mission!

20 thoughts on “On The Move

  1. I love this Laura! So inspiring. Good luck, I’m looking forward to reading what’s next on your travels. And, most importantly, enjoy the hell out of this adventure! Love, Nx


  2. I think it’s very brave to get out of your comfort zone.
    It’s inspiring and I love to read your blog.
    You go girl! Hughes.


  3. Yes, Canada and Tim Hortons associated with each other, in every city the place to meet up. And yes each province has its own rules for culture education en development. Good luck, keep calm and have a good time! xx


  4. Wow lady on a mission….our former collegae expanding her horizon. Fighting for our passion; Dance. I’m so curious it what it will bring you and…us, while reading along. Go Laura:)


  5. Lovely pictures and the squirrel indeed is too sweat. What a great idea, the blog! Traveling and dancing both at once (and these two have quite some things in common)….


  6. I understand your motive for movement, so hard! Hug and proud! Nele X
    ps. Don’t forget to try the TimTams when you visit Australia 😀


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