On the move again

Adelaide, Australia
Adelaide, Australia

Hi everyone!
I’m on the move again and it feels good! Or as my amazing friends Miriam and Teun would say (or sing): everything is awesome. It took some time (only 7 months, but it feels like years), but it is good to be back on the road again. And this time is different than the last. This time this is it. I’m fully dedicating my life to what I love to do: Bring movement to children and discover inspiring stories from other educators that want the same.


Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A
Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A

Traveling life
During my last trip I first discovered life on the road. It was a wonderful journey where I saw beautiful countries, visited many educators and met a lot of amazing people on the way. I realized there are three types of travelers:

1. The holiday people. People that have a good, but busy life and need a change of scenery once in a while. These are nice people, always up for chats, adventures and just enjoying their time away.
2. The save a lot of money to go on adventures until the money is gone people. These people are awesome. They mostly do very hard and sometimes horrible work for months to save up and go on the next adventure. These people have the best stories and just simply love life (especially on the road).
3. The work on the road people. I didn’t know beforehand that this was actually already a pretty big thing, a lot of people do this. I’ve met writers, web designers, yoga teachers and people that like to travel and do work in exchange for food and accommodation. It’s a lifestyle and I fell in love with it. On my last trip I worked at a hostel for a number of weeks. It was a great experience: In the morning I would work at the hostel, in the afternoon I would visit schools, meet educators and write articles. The evenings and weekends were for tourist activities and going on trips with other travelers. And there are more possibilities like this. Like working as a yoga teacher or volunteering for eco-projects. A perfect combination of work and travel.

Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

Nomad life
Being on the road gives me focus. There is no other place I have to be except here. There is nothing else to do except write, do research, meet other educators and get involved in communities. People have been asking me if it gets lonely. Off course I miss my family and friends and sometimes really dislike having to take another 10-hour bus ride or wearing the same clothes for a period of time, but that doesn’t compare to the freedom I feel and the possibility to follow the good stories and decide day by day where my next stop will be. It can get terrifying at times, not knowing where I’ll be in a few weeks (or even days!), but experience has told me that this is the best way to do it.

On this trip I’ve also decided to stay in one place longer than I did in my last trip. Being in one place longer than a week means I get to experience the life of the locals. I love getting involved and seeing what a place is truly like. I enjoy trying to understand cultural differences by talking to people and observing daily life.

New Zealand
New Zealand

What’s ahead?
I arrived in São Paulo, Brazil a week ago. I’m staying with my amazing friend Victoria Oggiam who I met at a dance studio when I was living in New York in 2009. She’s a beautiful dancer for Balé da Cidade, a famous dance company settled here in Sao Paulo. I will visit the company, participate in yoga classes, observe a rehearsal and talk with the dancers about what it’s like to be a dancer in Brazil and the road they had to take to get where they are today. I will also meet with the Dance Education consultant for the Brazilian Ministry of Education and visit primary schools with creative dance in their curriculum. In the mean time I’ll be studying for the online writing course that I’ll be starting next week. And after that? Who knows! Wherever the good stories take me.

Next to updates from Brazil, I will also share stories and adventures from the former trip. Because there is still a lot to tell!

I’m excited for what’s ahead and I hope you will keep following me. Thanks for all the support so far! It’s been truly heartwarming.

Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Canada

The past few months may have been quiet, but I did do a lot of work ‘behind the scenes’. The website is completely new and unfortunately it wasn’t possible to keep my subscribers from my last webhost. So if you didn’t receive a notification of this blog, please subscribe again in the form on the right side of the page. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

8 thoughts on “On the move again

  1. Wow Laura. Great to see and hear what you are doing at the moment. What a joy it must be to discover the world (and yourselve) like this. You’re a wonderfull person. Enjoy every moment and I’d love to read en see some more 😘


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